Ceil Mattingly

Graduated Converse College, SC.

Master of Marriage Family Therapy, MMFT.

I became fascinated with mental health when I felt I had lost my own. In 2001, some called it a nervous breakdown, some called it a mid-life crisis, clinically it was called major depressive disorder. All I knew was that I was in a thousand pieces, and I was having a hard time finding the way back to me.

I faced the end of a happy marriage and the loss of the family I had spent so much time nurturing and creating! My brain couldn't wrap around how this was even possible.

Through my own therapy I was given assistance in, first, up-righting my boat. Then I was given guidance and support to move into calmer waters where I could begin to recover parts of myself. There was a deeper part of me that didn't feel abandoned; I was able to go to that spot for healing.

Some say we study what we most desperately need to learn. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into a well-respected graduate program to learn the intricacies of Marriage and Family Therapy. I bring my life experience and the wisdom of my teachers into my practice as a therapist. And I never stop learning from many new teachers and from my clients. We all have resources we've lost touch with.

I will guide and facilitate your journey to a more peaceful and calm place. A place where you can feel at home with yourself. Blessings on your journey!